To begin, go to Pool and connect your wallet with the Arbitrum One network selected.

By depositing into a pool, your funds will pay out potential trader profits. In exchange, you'll receive a portion of trader losses and liquidations based on your share of the pool.

  1. Click on Deposit then enter an amount to deposit into the pool.


Pooling is not risk-free. There can be prolonged periods of time where traders in aggregate make profits, which can deplete the capital you deposit into the pool. Other risks include smart contract risk and dark oracle network mispricings, which can lead to instant pool depletions.

Consider all of these risks before depositing. Only deposit capital you can afford to lose.

Your Share

Your share of the pool will fluctuate based on trader profits, losses, and other LP transfers.

Your Rewards

Your rewards will accrue in real-time based on your share of the pool. You can claim rewards any time by clicking on Collect.

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