Spread The Gospel

As a Gospel Spreader, your mission is to drive more traders to CAP and grow the CAP community. The scope of your work is limited only by your creativity.

This program is not compensated. You would be doing volunteer community work.


  • You have engaged followers on crypto Twitter; or

  • You are a respected member of a crypto community (you have authority); or

  • You are a great writer, content, or meme creator (with tangible experience); or

  • You have previous experience growing a legitimate, engaged crypto community.

Your Work

Anything you do that is ethical (not spam or hard shilling) that grows the community and awareness is acceptable. Here are some examples:

Promote CAP

  • Spread the Gospel of CAP by replying to high value, relevant tweets

  • Recruit new community ambassadors

  • Introduce influencers and trading groups to CAP

  • Reach out and create partnerships with other protocols

  • Like and retweet CAP's official announcements

  • Add "@CapDotFinance Community Ambassador" to your social media bio

Create Content for CAP

  • Create and grow local CAP communities in your own language on Telegram

  • Tweet about CAP (bonus if it's a high quality thread!)

  • Translate CAP content or documentation to your language

  • Publish articles on Medium or Mirror

  • Create educational videos on Youtube or TikTok

Design for CAP

  • Create emoji or sticker packs for Discord or Telegram

  • Create memes and post them on social media

  • Create cool CAP graphics and animations

Community Engagement

  • Engage with the community on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

  • Answer questions on Discord & Telegram in a timely and responsive manner

  • Delete & ban spam

  • Start new topics of discussion on Discord & Telegram

  • Share relevant news and/or memes on Discord & Telegram

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