Why use CAP?

  • Fast. Orders are executed and settled within a few seconds.

  • Cheap. Contracts are ultra gas optimized and fees are minimal.

  • Easy. Start trading in seconds directly from your wallet.

How does CAP work behind the scenes?

Your newly submitted order is stored in the trading contract. The dark oracle network then picks up and prices your order. When you close your position in profit, the pool pays you your profit. When you close at a loss, your loss is sent to the pool.

How are prices determined?

You can think of CAP as a decentralized OTC trading desk. You submit an order and that order is filled based on a quote provided by the dark oracle network, which takes into account market conditions like volatility.

What's leverage?

Leverage multiplies your buying power, hence your profits and losses. You can select your leverage on every trade and you can use zero leverage by selecting 1×.

How is profit calculated?

Profit or loss is calculated by multiplying the price movement percent by your position size. For example, if you have a 10 ETH long position on BTC/USD and price rises 10%, you make 1 ETH (10 ETH x 10%).

How is liquidation price calculated?

Your position becomes liquidatable when it reaches 80% loss.

How can I use CAP?

CAP is a set of contracts deployed on Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer 2 network. You can use CAP at cap.finance, cap.eth.link, or by running the CAP UI on your local machine.

Can I use CAP to trade programmatically?

Yes, CAP contracts can be interacted with permissionlessly. See here.

My submitted order disappeared?

This occurs if your order was not able to be filled by the dark oracle network. This could happen if there is not enough balance in the pool backing your trade. You can try cancelling your order from the contracts directly.

Who's behind CAP?

CAP is built and maintained by an anonymous group of internet friends.

I have more questions or feedback?

Let community members know on Discord and Twitter.

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